The EMBA Investment

Short term commitment…Long term gain

An Affordable Executive MBA Program

The curriculum prepares students to think strategically about business, technology, and the global environment.  Moreover, the curriculum expands students’ understanding of the world’s challenges, and prepares them to embrace the future armed with relevant skills and renewed confidence.

While the cost of the EMBA is comparable to that of many "traditional" MBA programs, its value (which includes the bonus of an accelerated management certification option) far exceeds that of traditional programs.   

From the day we launched the EMBA, we recognized that one of the most important outcomes for students is knowledge that translates directly into the workplace. We build on past successes with directed study which refers to projects that link course concepts to work-related issues and problems that students face every day. These projects are guided by the instructor who also serves as a mentor and advisor.

The most common EMBA schedule consists of full-day classes (every other Friday and Saturday). However, our extensive experience employing learning technologies led us to pioneer blended learning as an advanced model which combines online interaction, and directed study strengthened with 4 (2 day) immersion/integration sessions.  

Tuition and Class Schedule: A Partnership of Affordability and Convenience

Tuition and Fees

The total cost of the Executive MBA program is $67,000 (pending approval) including tuition and all fees, books, meals, and annual business conference. Program fees also subsidize the International Study Tour so that students can participate in this valuable global learning experience at a reduced cost. 

A new cohort begins each September and January; courses are sequenced so that every student will be equipped with a solid foundation in business concepts. Students must also be available to participate in the International Study Tour that takes place during the third semester of the program; this tour typically spans 5 business days and 4 weekend days.