International Study Tour in the EMBA Program

The World as a Classroom: A Unique Learning Experience

The International Study Tour offers Executive MBA students the unique opportunity to observe how business is conducted in other countries and other cultures.  The tour typically cover 9 days and includes on-site visits with leading companies in established and emerging economies.  EMBA classes have visited China, Russia, South America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Estonia, France, and Singapore.

As technology enables richer forms of communication on a global scale, making multi-national alliances more central to business in general, we believe that it is important to understand how business is conducted around the globe.  Our EMBA students refer to the International Study Tour as an eye-opening experience that gives them a new perspective on markets, management and culture; a perspective that cannot be gained from a traditional classroom experience.

The opportunity to meet with senior managers of medium to global sized businesses to discuss where business is going and how they have adapted to the challenges of a globally competitive environment is also invaluable.  This type of experience is what makes EMBA programs in general, and NJIT's in particular, so valuable.