Faculty Research Presentations

Faculty Research Presentations



1. Patient-Centered and Experience-Aware Mining for ADR Discovery in Online Health Forums
by: Yi Chen, Associate Professor, Leir Chair in Healthcare and Co-director of Big Data Center, NJIT and Jinhe Shi Ph.D, student, CS NJIT

2. Startup Incubators and the Role of Social Capital 
by: Cesar Bandera, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Ellen Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing and
New Product Development, MTSM

3. Blockchain and Supply Chain
by: Junmin Shi, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences and MIS, MTSM

4. Psychological Well-Being at Work: New Models and Methods from Data Science
by: Mark Somers, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Management, MTSM

5. Vendor Certification and Innovation in Global Outsourcing -  A boon or bane for Growth? 
The moderated mediation effect of International Clients 
by:  Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, Professor of Technology Management, and Haisu Zhang, Assistant Professor of Marketing and
New Product Development, MTSM

6. Real-time Data Analytics for Power Grid 
byMaggie Cheng, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences and MIS, MTSM, and Jia He, MTSM Ph.D. Student

7. Trading Against the Grain: When Insiders Buy Low and Sell High 
by: Nejat Seyhun (University of Michigan), Xuewu (Wesley) Wang (University of Oklahoma), Zhipeng Yan, Associate Professor, MTSM

8. An Application-Driven Machine Learning From Big Data for Business Intelligence and Science Discovery  
by:  Dantong Yu, Associate Professor in MTSM, Committee Chair of Business Data Analytics Laboratory of MTSM