Martin Tuchman School of Management Brings Salesforce to the Business Analytics Lab

In just a few months, Martin Tuchman School of Management’s Business Analytics Lab (BAL) has grown exponentially through the use of Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Under the leadership of MTSM Dean Reggie J. Caudill, who has steered the development of many initiatives to integrate a STEM curriculum into the school’s programs, the BAL is now able to host Salesforce information sessions, boot camps and career panels to properly train and prepare MTSM students in CRM software and provide resources to current and incoming MTSM students. Salesforce in the BAL, led by MTSM students Shravanthi Budhi and Jordan Ireland, enables students to not only utilize the analytical software, but also get trained and certified in it. Salesforce-trained MTSM students staff the lab to offer assistance, and the Salesforce Quick Start Manual is available as well.

Nearly 200 students have signed into the lab in a span of two months, and both students and lab assistants have earned 98 badges. MTSM also is integrating the use of Salesforce into the classroom. Melodi Guilbault, a senior university lecturer at MTSM, already has begun to incorporate material from SLS 101 (Salesforce for Sales Reps) in the MRKT 330 class to expand on the discussion and usage of the platform.

“Teaching Salesforce in boot camps and courses like SLS 101, and encouraging students to complete modules in Trailhead [the Salesforce learning platform], is providing our students with real-world skills that employers want,” said Guilbault.

The first Salesforce information session was held Sept. 20 with a turnout of approximately 90 attendees. Many students have since continued on to acquire microcredentials via Trailhead. And during the week of Oct. 30, a boot camp was held to certify students in SLS 101 and SLS 201 (Salesforce for Sales Managers). Both courses trained NJIT students on Sales Cloud and the various functionalities within, and should greatly enhance students’ credentials, as the Salesforce software is widely used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Out of the 73 students that attended the boot camp, 51 students got certified in SLS 101 and 22 students in SLS 201.

“Martin Tuchman School of Management has partnered with Salesforce to bring a wide range of Salesforce programs and certifications to our students to get them on the front line when applying for jobs, internships or co-ops,” said William McDermott, executive director of development for MTSM. MTSM and Salesforce have established a Salesforce ambassador group at NJIT, comprising 11 MTSM students and led by Budhi. Among its first endeavors is organizing the NJIT Salesforce Career Panel, which will be held Wednesday, Dec. 6, in the Leir Conference Room on the third floor of the MTSM building. The goals of this event are to bridge the gap between students and professionals in Salesforce, effectively open up discussion on the recommended path for students interested in careers in Salesforce, and provide an opportunity for networking. The student group also will visit the Salesforce Tower in New York City soon after the panel event to network with employees at Salesforce and receive insight into Salesforce careers and the platform’s partner ecosystem.