Martin Tuchman School of Management Hosts Third Annual Strategic Management Showcase

Written by: Christina Crovetto,
Yidi Wu, Michael Teixeira, and Amad Ellahi were the were the winners of the third annual Strategic Management Showcase hosted by NJIT's Martin Tuchman School of Management. Runners-up were: John Fahim, Abhi Jain, Chris Domey and Ylano Tubilleja. Cynthia Ahmed and Vlad Shustov placed third. The top-performing teams in the “MIKES BIKES” simulation game for the fall semester capstone course MGMT 492: Strategic Management were selected to compete for prizes. Using the Smartsims interactive interface, the teams were given the task of managing the simulated online bicycle manufacturing company. During the course of six 45-minute sessions, with each session representing a one-year time frame, they worked with mentors to strategize business plans, make decisions, analyze their results as well as those of fellow competitors and grow their virtual businesses. They were evaluated on their use of analytical decision-making skills in multiple areas including product development, marketing, finance, manufacturing and human resource management. The showcase culminated with brief presentations by the teams and an awards ceremony to recognize the winners.