About the Flagship Alliance

This partnership between NJIT and IBM is the first of its kind in North America.

Last fall NJIT entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with IBM Global University Programs to deliver the digital technologies and education to NJIT students and career professionals that are necessary to compete in today’s digital economy. NJIT, through its Martin Tuchman School of Management, integrates IBM Skills Academy course content and training materials into the curriculum and offers workshops and boot camps to business and management professionals across the region. “This new partnership with IBM ensures that all our students are ready to meet the challenges of the business world, understand the technologies and tools required to succeed, and have the hands-on experience necessary to build their skills and expand their knowledge,” said Reggie Caudill, Dean of the Tuchman School. 


Through the NJIT|MTSM - IBM Skills Academy, workshop and boot camp participants will gain access to IBM digital technologies in business intelligence, business process analytics and predictive analytics, as well as IBM Watson analytics, delivered to NJIT via the IBM Cloud. They will also be able to earn industry-recognized Explorer and Mastery digital badges and technology certifications for IBM business data science tools and data platforms. Such badges and certifications demonstrate hands-on proficiency in using advanced business and management tools, and help provide a competitive edge in the job marketplace — a boon particularly for students who are interested in internships and co-ops or are just entering the workforce.

“Companies across all business sectors are looking for people who leverage and integrate fundamental business knowledge with technology skills to achieve success in today’s data-driven world of global business,” said Dean Caudill. “This agreement, the first of its kind in North America, is another step that demonstrates NJIT’s commitment to Business with the Power of STEM on behalf of the Martin Tuchman School of Management.


“IBM is committed to doing our part to expand educational opportunities so more students and professionals can learn the in-demand new collar skills that will help them thrive in today’s marketplace. After seeing this program’s success in Africa, we’re excited to be working with NJIT to bring the program to the United States for the first time.”

-Dr. Naguib Attia, Ph.D, Vice President, IBM Global University Programs


NJIT has invested millions of dollars into major new research facilities to give students the edge they need in today’s demanding, high-tech marketplace. Implementing the IBM Skills Academy Program further demonstrates the university’s commitment to providing their students with that edge. The IBM-NJIT implementation strategy is based on a blended delivery format with hands- on learning and online instruction modules from the IBM Skills Academy developed by IBM and its Global University Programs, and the integration into business and management courses through the Business Analytics Laboratory.

Students participating in these courses conclude the semester with a 3-day boot camp where they have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized digital badges and IBM technology certifications in addition to normal class credit. This certification and micro-credentialing will be a significant differentiator and competitive advantage to the students during their job search process and throughout their careers.

The partnership will expand into professional certificate programs available in addition to or separate from NJIT’s bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. This will provide veterans, working professionals and other groups with a range of options to access new-collar training, credentials and degrees that are in high demand by employers.

The technologies will be delivered to NJIT via the IBM Cloud, which provides access to the company's Watson suite of cognitive computing capabilities. This strategy is complementary to the Martin Tuchman School of Management Ray Cassetta Financial Analysis Laboratory where Bloomberg tools and Salesforce cloud technologies are available to NJIT students. The Business Analytics Laboratory will be the academic hub and access point for the IBM technologies.


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