MTSM Study Abroad

Why is International Student Exchange Important?

Students today realize that living abroad is not only an adventure, it has become increasingly important for success in a global society. They see international study as an excellent way to gain an advantage in applying to college and getting a job.

But the rewards of international student exchange are not just practical. They are also personal. Studying abroad exposes students to fresh ideas and different cultures. It allows students to confront new and challenging situations, and to try out their decision-making skills away from their parents and the comforts of home. Traveling abroad and staying with a host family also strengthens young people's coping skills, and, as a result, increases their maturity, confidence, independence, and critical skills for the demands of the next stages of their lives: college, career and family. 

If you aren't sure about going for a whole semester why not try a summer program!

One of our students is attending SKEMA this year- read his exciting story.

"Studying abroad at ESDES was one of the best experiences of my life! I was hesitant to spend the last semester of my college experience abroad but I am so glad that I went for it because it was one of the best decision I have made. I had the opportunity to not only live and study in France for 5 months but also make friends from literally all around the globe and explore dozens of other nations! After returning to the U.S. I now have more confidence than ever in myself and my abilities because I was able to travel to a foreign country by myself and turn it into a second home." - Cynthia Ahmed 

Martin Tuchman School of Management has a number of academic partnerships with universities in seven countries. These partnerships provide opportunities for student and faculty exchanges and collaborative research. The current agreements are with the following schools:

  • ESDES School of Management (France)
  • Kedge Business School (France)
  • SKEMA (France)
  • Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (Germany)
  • University of Piraeus (Greece)
  • Hanyang University (Korea)
  • Jonkoping University (Sweden)
  • Linkoping University (Sweden)