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Mehta, Rajiv

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Title: Professor of Marketing
Office: SOM 3018
Phone: 973-596-6419
Dept: Marketing

About Me


Dr. Rajiv Mehta (Ph.D., Drexel University) is Professor of Marketing at the School of Management, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Previously, he served on the faculty of Loyola University New Orleans and, prior to entering academia, worked in sales and marketing for an international manufacturer of steel wire ropes and cables.Dr. Mehta has co-authored two university-level textbooks: Sales Management: Building Customer Relationships and Partnerships (2009), andPersonal Selling: Building Customer Relationships and Partnerships, (2007), 2nd Edition, both published by Houghton-Mifflin (now CENGAGE Learning).Additionally, his research has been widely published in major academic journals and presented at national and international academic conferences. Focusing on the areas of selling and sales management, domestic and global marketing channels, Japanese Keiretsus, and the cross-border management of international strategic distribution alliances, over 30 of Dr. Mehta’s research manuscripts have appeared in outlets, such as Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Business Horizons, European Journal of Marketing, International Marketing Review, Journal of Business to Business Marketing, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Marketing Channels, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Managerial Issues, Journal of Services Marketing, and InternationalJournal of Technology, Knowledge & Society.  



• Drexel University, Ph.D., 1994 • University of Scranton, M.B.A., 1985 • St. Xavier’s College, B.Com. (Honors), 1979



Honors & Awards


• Master Teacher Award, 2006 • University-wide Robert W. Van Houten Award for Teaching Excellence, 2005 • University Award for Excellence in the Category of Teaching in Upper Division Undergraduate Instruction, 2005 • Award for outstanding journal article in International Marketing Review, 2001 

Courses I Teach


Courses Taught


• Competing in Global Markets • International Marketing • Principles of Marketing • Selling, and • Marketing Channels 

Research Interests


• Domestic and Global Marketing Channels • Cross-Border Management of International Strategic Distribution Alliances • Japanese Keiretsus, and • Selling and Sales Management 

Publications & Projects



• Hair, Joe, Rolph E. Anderson, Rajiv Mehta and Barry Babin (2009) “Sales Management: Building Customer Relationships and Partnerships,”Boston: Houghton-Mifflin (Now CENGAGE Learning).

• Anderson, Rolph E., Alan Dubinsky and Rajiv Mehta (2007), Personal Selling: Building Customer Relationships and Partnerships, 2nd edition, Boston: Houghton-Mifflin (Now CENGAGE Learning).

Selected Refereed Journal Articles 

Mehta, Rajiv, Rolph E. Anderson, Alan Dubinsky, Jolanta Mazur and Pia Polsa, (2011), “Managing Channel Partner Relationships: A Cross-National Study,” Journal of Global Marketing, 24 (2), 105-124.• Fisher, Caroline M., CassieElrod, and Rajiv Mehta, (2011), “A Replication to Validate and Improve a Measurement Instrument for Deming’s Fourteen Points,” International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 28 (3), 328-358. • Ito, Takao, Shinya Tagawa, Sakamoto Makoto, Rajiv Mehta, and Shu Quan Lu (2010), “An Analysis of Limit Cycle and Velocity History in Mazda’s Keiretsu,” Artificial Life and Robotics, 15 (4), 389-394. • Mehta, Rajiv, Rolph E. Anderson, Alan J. Dubinsky, Pia Polsa and Jolanta Mazur (2010), “Managing International Distribution Channel Partners: A Cross-Cultural Approach,” Journal of Marketing Channels, 17 (2), 89-117. • Ito, Takao, Seigo Matsuno, Zengyu Xia, Makoto Sakamoto, and Rajiv Mehta (2010), “An Analysis of Interactive Influence in Mazda’s Yokokai Keiretsu,” Artificial Life and Robotics, 15 (3), 249-252. • Rapp, William, Rajiv Mehta, Christine L. Hopkins, and James McHugh, (2008) “Toyota Motor Company: An Environmental and Strategic Marketing Assessment for Hybrid and Renewable Energy Resource Automobiles,” International Journal of Technology, Knowledge & Society, 4, 1-14. • Mehta, Rajiv, Pia Polsa, Jolanta Mazur, Fan Xiucheng, and Alan Dubinsky (2006), “Strategic Alliances in International Distribution Channels,”Journal of Business Research, 59, 1094-1104. • Mehta, Rajiv, Trina Larsen, Bert Rosenbloom, and Joseph Ganitsky (2006), “Impact of Cultural Distance in U.S. Business-to-Business Marketing Channel Strategic Alliances,” Industrial Marketing Management, 35 (2), 156-165.