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Somers, Mark

Contact Info
Title: Professor of Management & Organizational Behavior
Office: 3025 CAB
Hours: Spring 2015 Monday 3 to 6 pm
Phone: 973-596-3279
Dept: School Of Management

About Me


Mark Somers is a Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior in the School of Management and is a member of the doctoral faculty of the Rutgers Business School. He came to academia after spending time in industry at IBM, DDB Worldwide, and Citibank where he worked in strategic marketing and management groups.Dr. Somers’ research is focused on employee socialization and its consequences including employee turnover, absenteeism, and job performance. More recent work is focused on nonlinear models in organizational research with an emphasis on advanced pattern recognition algorithms such as neural networks. He is also interested in cognitive mapping and its relationship to student learning in business schools.  



• BS, Psychology,Tulane University• MBA, Industrial-Organizational Psychology,Baruch College• Ph.D.,Business & Organizational Behavior,City University of New York  

Honors & Awards


University Teaching Excellence Award, Innovative Teaching, 2007

Courses I Teach


Courses Taught


• HRM 301 Organizational Behavior • HRM 303 Human Resources Management • MGMT 390 Principles of Management (Honors Section) • HRM 601 Organizational Behavior (MBA and Executive MBA) 

Research Interests


• Redefining Mobile Computing • Nonlinear Dynamics • Industrial-Organizational Psychology • Marketing Strategies • Neural Networks • Integrated Learning Environment 

Publications & Projects


Somers, M. and Casal, J. (2011). Type of Wrongdoing and Whistle-Blowing: Further Evidence that Type of Wrongdoing Affect the Whistle-Blowing Process. Public Personnel Management, 40, 151-164.

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