Wei Xu

Contact Info

Title: Assistant Professor of Accounting, CPA
Email: wei.xu@njit.edu
Office: 4015 Central Ave. Building
Hours: Tue & Fri 4-5:30pm, or by appointment
Phone: 973-596-6420
Dept: School of Management

About Me


Dr. Wei Xu is an assistant professor of accounting in the School of Management at New Jersey Institute of Technology. She received a B.S. in Accounting degree from Nankai University, and received both a M.B.A. degree and a Ph.D. in Accounting degree from Rutgers University. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and American Accounting Association. She also had professional work experience with AICPA XBRL group, Deloitte Touche Tomastsu LLP tax department, TianJun Bio-Tech Corp accounting department and some other companies before starting her academic career.

Dr. Xu’s current research interests are mostly market-based empirical financial accounting studies including fixed assets and goodwill impairment studies, earnings management studies and China-related studies involving ownership structure, earnings quality, and auditors’ effectiveness; she’s also interested in bubble economy, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance and XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) and has many working papers and on-going projects in these areas. Her recent research has been published in Advances in Accounting, Research in Accounting Regulation, and International Journal of Behavioral Accounting and Finance.



• Ph.D. in Accounting, Rutgers University, 2007
• M.B.A., Rutgers University, 2007
• B.A. in Accounting, Nankai University, 1998

Honors & Awards


 2008-2009 NJIT Excellence in Teaching Award
(Category: Excellence in Lower Division Undergraduate Instruction by Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty)


Courses Taught


• ACCT115, Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
• ACCT615, Management Accounting


Research Interests


• Earnings quality & earnings management
• Fixed assets and goodwill impairments
• Financial reporting & informative of accounting information
• Auditors’ effectiveness
• International accounting
• Extensible business reporting language


Publications & Projects


Referred Journal Articles

Wei Xu, Kun Wang, and Asokan Anandarajan, “Quality of Reported Earnings by Chinese Firms: The Influence of Ownership Structure”, Advances in Accounting (incorporating Advances in International Accounting), Vol 28(1), (2012)

• Benjamin Chou, Wei Xu, Asokan Anandarajan, and Dennis Valenti, “Is Honesty the Best Policy? A Game Theory Perspective of Auditing”, International Journal of Accounting and Finance (2012)

Wei Xu, Asokan Anandarajan, and Anthony P. Curatola, “Value Relevance of Goodwill Impairment Charges”, Research in Accounting Regulation Vol 23(2), (2011)


Some Other Research Projects

Wei Xu and Zhipeng Yan, “Earnings Management Confronting Market Fall – Evidence from Chinese and U.S. Information Technology Industry”

• Yan Zhao, Zhipeng Yan and Wei Xu, “Earnings Response Elasticity and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift”

Wei Xu, “IFRS Education and Enhanced Relevance of MBA Curriculum”

Wei Xu and Michael Ehrlic, “Effects of dotcom bubbles on financial reporting and earnings management”

• Michael Ehrlich, Asokan Anandarajan, and Wei Xu, “Structured Investment Vehicle Disclosure and Its Applicability to Forensic and Intermediate Financial Accounting Classes”

Wei Xu and Bikki Jaggi, “Profit vs. Loss: Effectiveness of SFAS #144 in Improving the Value Relevance of Accounting Information”