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Yan, Zhipeng

Contact Info
Title: Associate professor of finance, CFA, FRM
Office: 4012 CAB
Phone: 973-596-3260
Dept: School of Management

Academic Interests: finance, management, economics

About Me


Dr. Zhipeng Yan is an assistant professor in finance. He is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder and has also been awarded the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) designation. Dr. Yan currently teaches the required finance courses in the EMBA program, MBA program and undergraduate business program. His primary research interest is in empirical corporate finance and asset pricing.

Before joining NJIT, he worked at a statistical arbitrage group of Millennium Partners LLP, New York. He also worked as a project manager at the Investment Banking Department of China Great Eagle Securities Col. Ltd, China. 



• Ph.D. in International Economics and Finance, International Business School, Brandeis University, 08/2007.• Graduate Student, Economics, The University of Mississippi, 09/2001 – 06/2002• M.A., Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, 06/1999 • B.E., Mechanical Engineering; B.E., International Trade, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, 07/1997


Honors and Awards


• The Leir Best Paper Award, 2011• The Leir Best Paper Award, 2010• Equity Valuation and Bubbles, the Ridgefield Foundation Research Grant, 2009 – 2011• Best paper award in corporate finance, 2007 MFA Annual Meeting 

Courses I Teach


Courses Taught


• EMBA level courses           • Corporate Governance           • Corporate Finance

• MBA/Master level courses           • Corporate Finance           • Advanced Corporate Finance           • Derivatives Markets

• Undergraduate level courses           • Corporate Finance           • Advanced Corporate Finance 

Publications & Projects


Published Referred Journal Papers• Industry Herding and Momentum, Yan,Zhipeng,Yan Zhao and Libo Sun, Journal of Investing, Vol. 21, Spring, 2012, 89-96.

• When Two Anomalies meet: Post Earnings Announcement Drift and the Value-Glamour Anomaly, with Yan Zhao, Financial Analyst Journal, Vol. 67, No. 6, 2011, 46-60.

• Gao, Hongman, and Zhipeng Yan, “The Third-party Payment Licenses, the Problems Facing Banks and the Countermeasures,” New Finance, Vol 271, 9, Sept 2011, 43-46. (In Chinese)

• Bulan, Laarni, and Zhipeng Yan, "Firm Maturity and the Pecking Order Theory", International Journal of Business and Economics, Lead Article, Vol. 9, No, 3, 2010, 179-99.  

Yan, Zhipeng and Yan Zhao, “A New Methodology of Measuring Firm Life-cycle Stages,” International Journal of Economic Perspective, Lead Article, Volume 4, Issue 4, 2010, 579-87.

Yan, Zhipeng and Yan Zhao, “New Evidence on Value Investing in Emerging Equity Markets,” Applied Financial Economics, Lead Article, 20: 24, 2010, 1839 – 49.

• Bulan, Laarni, Sanyal Paroma, and Zhipeng Yan, “A Few Bad Apples: An Analysis of CEO Performance Pay and Firm Productivity,” Journal of Economics and Business, Volume 62, Issue 4, 2010, 272-306.

• Bulan, Laarni, Yan, Zhipeng, (2009), The Pecking Order Theory and the Firm´s Life Cycle, Banking and Finance Letters, Volume 1, Issue 3.

• Shughart, William, Tollison, Robert, Yan, Z. (2003), Rent Seeking into the Income Distribution, Kyklos (International Review for Social Sciences), Lead Article, Vol. 56, – Fasc. 4, 443-458. 

Published BooksYan, Zhipeng, “Reflections on Wall Street”, The Commercial Press, China. Dec 2009, 299 Pages. 

Other PublicationsYan, Zhipeng and Hongman Gao, “Pay Attention to the Core Issues of the Payment Market”, Financial News, China, Aug 1, 2011.

• Gao, Hongman and Zhipneg Yan, “It’s Time to Promote Personal Checks”, Shanghai Securities News, China, July 26, 2011.