Martin Tuchman School of Management Seminars


Upcoming Seminars

1/17/18 1pm-2:15pm

Leir Conference Room, CAB  3052


Procrastinating Innovation Adoption;  Perceived Chand and (anticipated) Emotions

Yazhen (Sophie) Xiao, University of Tennessee, Knozville

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1/24/18 1pm-2:15pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

Risk Taking Diversification, and the US Bank Size Anomalies

Majeed Simaan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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1/31/18 1pm-2:15pm Leir Conference Room. CAB 3052

Employee Mobility and Organizational Innovation:  The role of Employee Turnover and Network Centrality

Holly H. Chiu, City University of New York 

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2/7/18 11am-12:30pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

Beyond Supply Chain Coordination:  From Competition to Sourcing and Sustainability

Amy Xia, Northeastern University

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2/14/18 1pm-2pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

The Impact of Crop Minimum Support Prices on Crop Selection and Farmer Welfare in the Presence of Strategi Farmers

Prashant Chintapalli, UCLA

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2/28/18 11am-12pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

Turning Over a New Leaf?  An Examination of Firms' Inducements and Opportunities to Implement Discontinuous Strategic Renewel

Sandip Basu, City University

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4/4/18 1pm-2pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

Epidemic-Like Stochastic Processes with Time-Varying Behavior:  Analysis and Control

Yingdong Lu, IBM

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4/11/18 1pm-2pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

Does Politics Trump Justice?  Evidence from Corporate Litigations

Ming F. Taylor, NJIT/MTSM

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4/18/18 11am-12pm CAB, 2nd Fl. Innovation Lab

Embracing Adversity Through Purposive Embedding:  The Historical Evolution of Amul India

Rajiv Nag, Drexel University

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4/25/18 1pm-2pm Leir Conference Room, CAB 3052

Drug Discovery for Infectious Diseases:  Models, Molecules, and Maybe Mechanism

Joel Freundlich, Rutgers University

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