Data Set 1

Uploading and Interpreting Data Sets

Interacting with Data Set 1

To access Sample Data Set 1, click here. Make sure to save the document through Excel on your device in order to ensure success when uploading to Watson Analytics. Make sure to click confirm when asked if presented with the right column of headers for the data once imported.

Utilizing the features of Watson Analytics, determine and understand the following trends using the smart data analysis, predictive analytics, and visualization service. Don’t forget to label the tabs created and developed in Discover to organize trends and correlations found. Open new tabs for new relationships.

How do the values of quiz grades affect final exam scores?



2. Utilize the option to “Ask a question about your data” and determine what drives final exam scores?

3. Determine if the same students are receiving the same letter grade on all of the quizzes. Use Starting Point “What is the breakdown of QZ2 by Text and Student Name” and go through the three quizzes.

4. Do higher midterm scores lead to higher final exam scores?

5. Compare the student with the lowest midterm grade to the student with the highest midterm grade. Is attendance and class participation consistent with the grades the students earned?

Hint: Use the pie chart filter and utilize the multiplier feature on the bottom of the screen.