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Predictive Analytics Modeler Workshop

“Challenge. Succeed. Shape the Future.”

The Predictive Analytics Modeler Workshop will teach students the essentials of predictive analytics modeling to collect and analyze data efficiently. Students will develop critical skills in predictive analytics, such as data mining and machine learning, data collection and integration, nodes, and statistical analysis. The Predictive Analytics Modeler will use the tools for market research and data mining in order to predict problems and improve outcomes.  

Upon completion of the workshop, students will have earned the IBM Explorer badge and be prepared for the IBM Mastery Certification exam. 

Students who earn the IBM Mastery Certification will have access to a network of IBM Business partner companies that are interested in hiring interns, co-op students, and full-time employees with competency in Predictive Analytics Modeler.* 

*For More Information please contact: Lori Nanton |

Predictive Analytics Modeler Workshop

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Predictive Analytics Modeler
Please check back in the coming weeks for upcoming sessions.
Martin Tuchman School of Management | Newark, NJ


Predictive Analytics Workshop Agenda

Day 1
  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics Platform & Data Mining
  • Introduction to IBM Watson Analytics
  • Overview of Analytics and Real-World Business Cases
Day 2
  • Understanding Your Data and Preparing Your Data
  • Introduction to Fields
Day 3  
  • Introduction to Analytical Modeling
  • Advance Data Preparation
Day 4 
  • SPSS Functions and Data Transformation
  • Automated Data Mining
Day 5
  • Business Data Sampling
  • Course Review
  • Explorer Badge Exam