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Kenneth Lawrence

Lawrence, Kenneth D.
Professor of Management Science Business Analytics, Tuchman School of Management
4005 CAB
About Me

Dr. Lawrence’s professional employment includes over 20 years of technical management experience with AT&T as Director, Decision Support Systems and Marketing Demand Analysis, Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc., Prudential Insurance, and the U. S. Army in forecasting, marketing planning and research, statistical analysis and operations research. Dr. Lawrence is a full member of the Graduate Doctoral Faculty of Management at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in the Department of Management Science and Information Systems and a Research Fellow in the Center for Supply Chain Management in the Rutgers Business School.

Dr. Lawrence’s research is in the areas of Management Science, Business Analytics, Time Series Forecasting, Econometric Forecasting, Data Mining, Data Envelopment Analysis, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, and Supply Chain Modeling.He is a full member of the Graduate Doctoral Faculty of Management at Rutgers. Dr. Lawrence’s research work has been cited in 267 journals, including: Computers and Operations Research, International Journal of Forecasting, Journal of Marketing, Sloan Management Review, Management Science, and Technometrics. He has 360 publications, and his articles have appeared in 28 journals including: European Journal of Operational Research, Computers and Operations Research, Operational Research Quarterly, International Journal of Forecasting and Technometrics. He is the lead author in the text Fundamentals of Forecasting Using Excel, published by the Industrial Press in 2009. He has published 44 books with 17 separate publishers.


• University of Delaware, B. S., 1969
• West Virginia University, M. S., 1970
• Pennsylvania State University, M. B. A., 1972
• Rutgers University, M. S., 1974
• Rutgers University, Ed. D., 1979
• Rochester Institute of Technology, M. S., 1979
• Manhattan College, M. B. A., 1983

Honors & Awards
• 1989 recipient of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Award for significant accomplishments in the theory and applications of operations research.
• Recognized in the February 1993 issues of the Journal of Marketing for his significant contribution in developing a method of guessing in the no data case, for diffusion of new products, for forecasting the timing and the magnitude of the peak in the adaption rate.
• Member of the honorary societies Alpha Iota Delta (Decision Sciences Institute) and Beta Gamma Sigma (Schools of Management).
• 2002 recipient of the Bright Ideas Award in the New Jersey Policy Research Organization and the New Jersey Business and Industry Associates for his work in Auditing for his use of a Goal Programming Model to Improve the Efficiency of Audit Sampling.
Courses Taught

• MGMT 630, Decision Analysis
• MGMT 635, Data Mining and Analysis for Managers
• MGMT 660, Managing Supply and Value Chains
• MIS 648, Decision Support Systems for Managers
• MIS 680, Managerial Science
• MRKT 631, Marketing Research
• MRKT 753, Marketing Science
• OM 375, Management Science

Research Interests
  • Management Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Econometric Forecasting
  • Data Mining
  • Data Envelopment Analysis
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making
  • Supply Chain Modeling
Research Affiliations

• Rutgers Supply Chain Center
• Member of Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
• Member of American Statistical Society (ASA)
• Member of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)
• Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)
• Member of the American Marketing Association (AMA)
• Member of the Production Operations Management Society (POMS) Member of the American Finance Association

Publications & Projects

• Editor of Advances in Mathematical Programming and Financial Planning (Jai Press). Jai Press, Volumes 1 – Volume 6; 1993 – 2001, Series ISBN 0-7623-0832-X; includes publication by Nobel Laureate William Sharpe

• Associate Editor of the International Journal of Strategic Decision Analysis (IGI Global).ISSN 1947 -8569, IGI Global, 2008 – 2017.

• Associate Editor of the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (Springer Verlag). Springer, ISSN 0924-9654, 1992 – 2017.

• Associate Editor of the Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation (Taylor and Francis). Taylor and Francis, ISSN 0094-9655, 1992 – 2014.

• Editor of Advances in Business and Management Forecasting (Emerald Press). Emerald Press, Volume 1 – Volume 12; Volume (underway), Series ISSN 1477-4070, 2004 - 2017. Ranked in Scopus, Web of Science and Cabell’s.

• Editor of Applications of Management Science (Emerald Press). Emerald Press, Volume 6 – 17; Volume 18; Series ISSN 0276-8976, 1997 – 2017. Ranked in Scopus, Web of Science and Cabell’s.

• Editor of Contemporary Perspectives in Data Mining (Information Age Publishing).Information Age Publishing, Volume 1, 2013; Volume 2, 2015, Volume 3, 2017. Series ISBN 978-1-68123-087-0 , 2013-2017, ranked in Web of Science.