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Hindy Schachter

Schachter, Hindy L.
Professor of management, Martin Tuchman School Of Management
4019 CAB
About Me

Hindy Lauer Schachter is a Professor of Management with an interest in bringing new voices and new groups into organizations. Currently she is working on a New Jersey Department of Transportation funded project that investigates the impact innovative public/private partnerships have on transportation agencies. Another strand of her research focuses on how feminist and other post positivist theories illuminate organization behavior concepts and how people study public and nonprofit organizations.

The author of three books and many scholarly articles Dr. Schachter is a past chair of the American Society for Public Administration´s Section for Professional and Organizational Development and past council member of the International Political Science Association´s Administrative Culture section. A member of several editorial boards, she was book review editor for Public Administration Review, the premier journal in the public administration field from 2009-2011.

Dr. Schachter believes it is important to use academic insights to enhance organizations and help them become more diverse and productive. In 2002, the New Jersey Department of Transportation gave her a certificate of appreciation for her work promoting the role of women in transportation after she had designed workshops for the organization on success for women in this field.


PhD, Columbia University, 1978

Honors & Awards

• New Jersey Department of Transportation - certificate of appreciation for working to increase the role of women in transportation, 2002.
• Emerald Press, reviewer of the year, Journal of Management History, 2007.
• Pi Alpha Alpha, Rutgers chapter, public administration honor society, inducted member.
• American Society for Public Administration Section for Professional and Organizational Development, outstanding service award.
• Kettering Foundation, invited participant in conference on citizen co-production, summer 2011.

Courses Taught

• HRM 301, Organizational Behavior
• HRM 601, Organizational Behavior
• HRM 310, Managing Diversity

Research Activity
Dr. Schachter is a CO-PI on a New Jersey Department of Transportation grant on "Feasibility and Efficacy of Public Transportation Partnerships."

Dr. Schachter serve on the board of directors of the Section for Professional and Organizational Development of the American Society for Public Administration.

Dr. Schachter´s article "Constructing Old Age through Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications: De Jure Discrimination´s Last Stand" did appear in Public Administration Quarterly in 2013. She presented some of the research at the First International Conference on Public Policy this summer (June 2013) in Grenoble, France.
Dr. Schachter is also a co-editor of a new book, ´The State of Civic Participation in America´ Charlotte , NC: Information Age Publishing, 2012, with Kaifeng Yang (of Florida State University),
Publications & Projects

I. Books
• Hindy Lauer Schachter and Kaifeng Yang (eds.). The State of Civic Participation in America. Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing, 2012.
• Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves: The Role of Citizen Owners in Making a Better Government. New York: SUNY Press, 1997.
• Frederick Taylor and the Public Administration Community: A Reevaluation. New York: SUNY Press, l989.
• Public Agency Communications: Theory and Practice. Chicago: Nelson Hall, l983.
II. Chapters in Books
"Introduction: American Civic Participation in the 21st Century" in H. L. Schachter and K. Yang eds. The State of Civic Participation in America, pp. 3-20. Charlotte, N. C.: Information Age Publishing, 2012

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Shinsaku Komatsusaki and Hindy Lauer Schachter. “A Comparative Study of Citizen Engagement in Infrastructure Planning for Japan and the United States” in K. Yang and E. Bergrud eds., Civic Engagement in a Network Society, pp. 187-205. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2008.

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"Moving from Tolerance to Valuing Diversity," in Cultural Diversity Sourcebook, ed. by Bob Abramms and George Simms. MA: HRD Press, 1996. (Book won the 1997 Gustavus Myers award for outstanding book on the study of human rights.)

III. Journal Articles since 1991
“Organization Development and Management History: A Tale of Changing Seasons.” Public Administration Quarterly (accepted).

Yueping Zhang, Hindy Lauer Schachter, and Marc Holzer. “The Impact of Government Form on e-Participation: A Study of New Jersey Municipalities.” Government Information Quarterly 31(2014): 653-659.

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"Constructing Age through Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications: De Jure Discrimination´s Last Stand?" Public Administration Quarterly (2013), 76-96.

Soojin Kim and Hindy Lauer Schachter. "Citizen Participation in the Budget Process and Local Government Accountability: Case Studies of Organizational Learning from the United States and South Korea" Public Performance and Management Review 36:3(2013): 456-471.(IMF World Bank Group selected this article as a recommended reading for its 2014 Flagship seminar on inclusive local government administration.)

"Reflections on Political Engagement and Voluntary Association Governance." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 40:4 (2011): 703-719.

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IV. Edited Symposia in Refereed Journals: Introductions

Tia Sheree Gaynor and Hindy Lauer Schachter. “Symposium on Social Justice: Introduction.” Public Administration Quarterly 38(4): 1-5 (2014).

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V. Book Review Essays

“Mary Follett in Her Intellectual Environment.” Public Administration Review (to be published).

Yueping Zheng and Hindy Lauer Schachter. 2014. Review of M. Milakovich´s Digital Governance: New Technologies for Improving Public Services. Journal of Public Administration (in Chinese), pp. 170-177.

"Mapping P.A. - Can Public Administration Exist without Surprises?" Public Administration Review 71:3 (2011), 500-501.

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VI. Encyclopedia Articles (invited)

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