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Zhipeng Yan

Contact Info

Title: Associate professor of finance
Office: CAB 4012
Hours: By appointment
Phone: 973-596-3260
Dept: MTSM


Dr. Zhipeng Yan is an Associate Professor in Finance. He is the founding Director of LIXIN-NJIT Economic Risk Early Warning Center. The Center is an interdisciplinary venue for research on economic and financial risks and early warning systems.

Dr. Yan currently teaches the required finance courses in the EMBA program, MBA program and undergraduate business program. His primary research interest is in investments and empirical corporate finance. His research covers topics relating to volatility spread, short selling activity and price efficiency, trading strategies arising from financial market anomalies, risk management, capital structure and CEO incentives.

Professor Yan received his Ph.D. in international economics and finance from Brandeis International Business School in 2007, a MA in management in 1999 and a BE in 1997 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Before joining NJIT, he worked at a statistical arbitrage group of Millennium Partners LLP, New York. He also worked as a project manager at the Investment Banking Department of China Great Eagle Securities Col. Ltd, China.


 • Ph.D. in International Economics and Finance, International Business School, Brandeis University, 08/2007.
• Graduate Student, Economics, The University of Mississippi, 09/2001 – 06/2002
• M.A., Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, 06/1999
• B.E., Mechanical Engineering; B.E., International Trade, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, 07/1997

Honors and Awards

Final four, The CFA Institute Research Challenge, NYSSA, Advisor, 2014, 2015

“2014 Ten Outstanding Researchers Award”, 2015 Internet Economy Researcher Conference, Beijing, China, 2015
2013-2014 Excellence in Teaching Award in the Category of Upper Division Undergraduate Instruction, School of Management, NJIT, 2014
Nominee of the School of Management for Excellence in Teaching Award in Upper Division Undergraduate Instruction  by Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty of NJIT, 2014
2012-2013 Excellence in Teaching Award in the Category of Graduate Instruction, School of Management, NJIT, 2013
Grant: LIXIN-NJIT Economic Risk Early Warning Center ($300,000), 2013 – 2016
Nominee of the School of Management for Excellence in Teaching Award in Graduate Instruction by Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty of NJIT, 2013
Nominee of the School of Management for Excellence in Teaching Award in Graduate Instruction by Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty of NJIT, 2012
The Leir Best Paper Award, 2011, 2010
Equity Valuation and Bubbles, the Ridgefield Foundation Research Grant, 2009 – 2011

Best paper award in corporate finance, 2007 MFA Annual Meeting


Courses Taught

EMBA level courses

Global Competitiveness
Financial Innovation and Market Failures
Corporate Governance
Corporate Finance I

• MBA/Master level courses
           • Corporate Finance
           • Advanced Corporate Finance
           • Derivatives Markets

• Undergraduate level courses
           • Corporate Finance
           • Advanced Corporate Finance



Research Interests


• Equity trading strategies
• Short selling activities
• CEO incentives
• Capital structure.


Publications & Projects

Published Books

Yan, Zhipeng, Yan Zhao, and Siwei Zhu, “Maniacs, Swindlers and Fools, A Third Eye on Investments《疯子、骗子与傻子——第三只眼看投资》”, The Commercial Press (商务印书馆), China, Summer 2015.
Rapp, William, Zhipeng (Alan) Yan, Mark Somers, Danielle Viola, Rajiv Mehta, Wei Xu, Michael Ehrlich, and Benjamin Chu, “Boil, Bubble Toil And Trouble”, Kindle Direct Publishing, May, 2013.
 Yan, Zhipeng, “Reflections on Wall Street《反思华尔街》”, The Commercial Press (商务印书馆), China. December 2009, 299 Pages.

Published Referred Journal Papers

Yan, Zhipeng, Lee-Young Cheng, Chung-Yuan Huang, and Yan Zhao, “Daily Short Covering Activity and the Weekend Effect: Evidence from Taiwan,” Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2016, 166-184.
Cheng, Lee-young, Zhipeng Yan, Yan Zhao, and Li-Min Gao, “Investor Inattention and Under-reaction to Repurchase Announcements,” Journal of Behavioral Finance, Vol 16, 2015, 267-277.
Yan, Zhipeng and Yan Zhao, “International Diversification: Simple or Optimization Strategies?” The International Journal of Finance, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2013, 7542-80.
Yan, Zhipeng, Yan Zhao, Wei Xu, and Lee-Young Cheng, “Earnings Response Elasticity and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift”, Journal of Asset Management, Vol. 13, Issue 4, 2012, 287-305.
Cheng, Lee-young,  Zhipeng Yan, Yan Zhao, and Wei-fang Chang, “Short Selling Activity, Price Efficiency and Fundamental Value of IPO Stocks,” Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Volume 20, Issue 5, November 2012, 809-824.
Yan, Zhipeng, Yan Zhao and Libo Sun, “Industry Herding and Momentum”, Journal of Investing, Vol. 21, spring, 2012, 89-96.
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Bulan, Laarni, and Zhipeng Yan, "Firm Maturity and the Pecking Order Theory", International Journal of Business and Economics, Lead Article, Vol. 9, No, 3, 2010, 179-99.  
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Bulan, Laarni, Yan, Zhipeng, (2009), The Pecking Order Theory and the Firm´s Life Cycle, Banking and Finance Letters, Volume 1, Issue 3.
Shughart, William, Tollison, Robert, Yan, Zhipeng. (2003), Rent Seeking into the Income Distribution, Kyklos (International Review for Social Sciences), Lead Article, Vol. 56, – Fasc. 4, 443-458.
Yan, Zhipeng, Songtao Li, and Ziyou Yu. “Internet Insurance: Practice and Perspective,” Shanghai Finance, vol 225, 4, 1999, 28-31. (in Chinese)
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Qiao, Wei and Zhipeng Yan, “State Owned Enterprises Reform in China,” Economic outlook, vol 54, 9, 2000, 18-19. (in Chinese)
Zhu, Liying and Zhipeng Yan,  “World economy: 5 features in 5 years,” Economic outlook, vol 54, 12, 2000, 42-43. (in Chinese)
Yan, Zhipeng and Zhenya Hu, “The Impact of WTO Accession on Chinese export-oriented Companies,” Journal of international trade, vol 214, 10, 2000, 1-4. Lead article. (in Chinese)


Publications in Leading Newspapers (in Chinese)


Yan, Zhipeng, “Alibaba IPO Oversubscribed in Two Days, Why Investors Jockey for Its Shares?” Shanghai Securities News, China, September 13, 2014.
Yan, Zhipeng, Yan Zhao and Kuang Du, “Alcoa: ‘Zero Injury’ Can Increase Corporate Value,” China Work Safety News, China, August 30, 2014.
Zhipeng Yan, “Career Choice: to Be a “Screw” or a “Spring”?” Shanghai Securities News, China, June 18, 2014.
Du, Kuang, and Zhipeng Yan, “U.S. Immigrant Investor Programs: A Pie or A Trap”, Shanghai Securities News, China, Oct 22, 2013.
Yan, Zhipeng, “Don’t Ignore the Gorilla before Your Eyes: Investment Risks and Scams”, Shanghai Securities News, China, Aug 25, 2013.
Yan, Zhipeng, Yan Zhao and Kuang Du, “Singapore DBS Bank Suspected of Selling Fraud: a Financial Product Whose Expected Return Is Negative”, Shanghai Securities News, China, Aug 22, 2013.
Yan, Zhipeng and Hongman Gao, “Pay Attention to the Core Issues of the Payment Market”, Financial News, China, Aug 1, 2011.
Gao, Hongman and Zhipneg Yan, “It’s Time to Promote Personal Checks”, Shanghai Securities News, China, July 26, 2011.