MTSOM Process for Grade Disputes

SOM Process for Grade Disputes

Students are expected to resolve disputes about grades with their instructors. If they cannot reach a satisfactory settlement with their instructor, students are permitted to request the intervention of the chairperson of the department and the dean of the school or college.

If a student seeks intervention by the dean of the School of Management in a grade dispute, he or she must do so in writing. The student should submit a summary of the grade dispute and any supporting evidence (e.g., a course syllabus, e-mails between the student and the instructor, etc.). The dean will use this material and any other evidence he or she considers useful to resolve the dispute with the instructor. The Dean will not change the grade. If the Dean cannot resolve the dispute, a committee will be formed. The committee will be comprised of three faculty from the subject matter area.

The faculty will arrive at a decision to resolve the dispute. The committee’s decision is final.