MTSM's Current Academic Partners

Martin Tuchman School of Management has a number of academic partnerships with universities in seven countries. These partnerships provide opportunities for student and faculty exchanges and collaborative research. The current agreements are with the following schools:


ESDES School of Management (France)

Kedge Business School (France)

SKEMA (France)

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (Germany)

University of Piraeus (Greece)

Hanyang University (Korea)

CESINE Business School (Spain)

Linkoping University (Sweden)

In addition we have a number of academic partnerships right here on campus. 

Ying Wu College of Computing 

CCS logoThe Martin Tuchman School of Management partners with the Ying Wu College of Computing to offer specializations in MIS and e-commerce in the BSIT program. CCS supports our specializations in MIS with technically oriented elective courses.