Financial Literacy Camp

​Camp Summary

The intensive summer financial literacy camp provides a hands-on introduction to financial management and investment for high school students in Northern New Jersey.

This program, which was launched in 1998, includes lectures, class discussions, computer labs, field trips to Wall Street and financial institutions in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area, and team projects.

​Specific topics that are addressed during the camp include:

  • An overview of financial services offered by banking and investment institutions;
  • The structure of the stock and bond markets;
  • Principles of diversification;
  • 1-2 Field Trips
  • The concept of entrepreneurship;
  • The fundamentals of interest rates; and
  • The role of money and capital markets in supplying funds to business to fuel economic growth

An important component of the camp is the team projects in which groups of students are assigned to do an investment analysis of a specific company. Using computer terminals dedicated specifically to this program, students learn how to use the Internet to gather financial information. At the end of the camp, students present reports on each company to NJIT faculty, staff and corporate leaders.

Participants in this camp not only gain understanding of financial management, investment, and economics but develop academic skills, public speaking and presentation skills, learn teamwork from participation in group projects, and develop motivation for academic and professional success.

The camp employs state-of-the-art methodology for teaching financial literacy and provides an innovative model for how the resources of an outstanding university can be leveraged to motivate and empower high school students.

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