MBA Curriculum

The MBA is a 48 credit program that is distributed over three modules: Required Core (Business Fundamentals), Elective Core (Managing Knowledge and Innovation), and Concentration Area Knowledge.


The MBA curriculum was not only built, but also continuously updated in consultation with leading corporations in the region. It is designed to help meet the growing need for technology savvy business leaders.

Curriculum Design: Where We Think Business is Going

Every MBA curriculum speaks to the issue of the future direction of business.  We believe that an MBA curriculum is a statement of the knowledge, skills, and capabilities thought to be necessary for managers and their companies to be successful, now and in the future.

In designing the NJIT Martin Tuchman School of Management MBA, we have identified five themes, inspired by Peter Drucker's mega-trends, that pervade our curriculum and that we believe are essential for success in business:

  1. Competitive Advantage Through Strategic Alignment:  To be successful, we believe that every company must align its corporate strategy, business strategies, and technology strategy.  We further believe that omitting or under-playing the role of technology strategy is a serious error.
  2. Fostering Knowledge Based Innovation:  Tom Peters, noted author and management consultant, believes that all competitive advantage comes from knowledge driven innovation.  We concur and have built this theme into our MBA curriculum with both required and elective courses.
  3. Managing Uncertainty and Change: We believe that the biggest mistake that can be made in business today is to assume that the future will be like the past.  Our MBA is designed to help students make decisions under conditions of high uncertainty while managing technological, organizational, and behavioral change.
  4. Managing in Real Time:  Advances in information technology have made it possible to manage businesses in real time.  Information affecting key factors such as profitability that used to take weeks to compile and organize is now available in minutes.  Our MBA gives students hands-on access to the latest business intelligence software and to the concept of managing in real time.
  5. Managing Global Hyper-Competition: We believe that the most important consequence of globalization is price based hyper-competition on a global scale.   Our MBA curriculum is designed to prepare students to understand the benefits and challenges of a world where financial and intellectual capital are rapidly invested in markets that offer the highest returns.