MS in Management Curriculum

The Master of Science in Management is a 30 credit program that prepares graduates for managerial roles in organizations. Its emphasis is on melding business fundamentals and technical knowledge within specific areas of concentration including Business Analytics, Global Project Management, and Web Systems and Media.

The MSM curriculum puts it all together and prepares managers who know how to use technology to meet strategic objectives; who have business smarts; and who can meet the growing demand for technology savvy leadership

Curriculum Structure & Content

The MSM curriculum is divided into two modules: the business core and concentration area. The business core comprises one-half (15 credits) of the degree requirements with the remaining 15 credits focusing on the concentration's management knowledge component.

The Business Core: The business core provides the fundamental business knowledge needed to evaluate business models and to assume managerial positions. Coursework includes key functional areas in business: accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, and leadership and organizational behavior.

Management Concentration Area: Each student selects a management area with a technical focus for in-depth study. Concentration courses are designed to complement the concepts offered in the 15 credit business core. Current concentration areas include: Business Analytics, Global Project Management, and Web Systems and Media.