Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Why Do a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship? 

Thinking of starting your own company someday?  Do you have an idea or an invention that might be the next big hit?  You must be well prepared in many business fields if your company is to be successful in today’s fast-paced competitive markets.


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor is an 18 credit program that prepares non-business majors for careers in which they commercialize new ideas into new business ventures or create new business lines for existing ventures.  In addition to learning business fundamentals in accounting, economics, marketing, and management, students in this Minor learn how to create and finance new company, protect their intellectual property, and get to the right market on time.  Students also interact with entrepreneurs and work in NJIT’s business incubator: the Enterprise Development Center.  In fact, many of our students create their companies before even graduating.


A Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will:

1.      Expose you to real-world start-up ecosystems.


2.      Let you plan more realistically your own entrepreneurial career plan.


3.      Guide you through the formation of for-profits, non-profits, and divisions within corporations.


4.      Help you commercialize your own innovations.


Course Requirements for the Minor*

Course ID Course Name Recommended Semester for Students

ECON 201


Sophomore: Fall

MGMT 390

Management Practices

Sophomore: Spring

ENTR 410

New Venture Management

Summer after Sophomore

ACCT 115


ACCT 117

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting


Survey of Accounting

Junior: Fall

MKRT 330


MKRT 338

Principles of Marketing


Product Development and Management

Junior: Spring

ENTR 420

Financing New Ventures

Senior: Fall


* All six courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.