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Minor in Business

The business minor is an 18 credit program designed to provide fundamental business and management knowledge to undergraduate students in any major outside of business, such as science, engineering, architecture and computer science.

Why Do a Minor in Business?

No matter what your major, it is likely that you will be hired by a business organization when you graduate. A minor in business can advance your career by improving your prospects in the job market and giving you the tools and skills you need if you plan to open your own business one day.                  

A minor in business will:

  • Help you support proposals and requests with business concepts that managers understand
  • Teach you how to map and manage business processes
  • Influence managers and non-technical professionals
  • Fulfill requirements for the NJIT Honors program
  • Give you a head start on an MBA degree

Courses in the Business Minor:

  1. ACCT 117 Principles of Financial Accounting
  2. Mgmt 190 Intro to Business or Fin 218* Financial Markets & Institutions
  3. FIN 315* Fundamentals of Corporate Finance or OM 375 Management Science
  4. MIS 245** Introduction to Management Information Systems
  5. MRKT 330 Principles of Marketing
  6. 300 or 400 level business/management elective

*At least one course must be in finance

**CCS students should complete MIS 363 Project Management or an alternate course

***Students should consult with their major advisor to find out if minor courses can fulfill requirements within their primary curriculum

If you qualify for our BS/MS program or BS/MBA program, you can use your graduate level courses to fulfill some of the minor requirements. Contact Michael Sweeney for more information.