About the Skills Academy

NJIT | MTSM - IBM Skills Academy

IBM Global University Programs and the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Martin Tuchman School of Management have joined forces to offer an innovative program allowing degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students to learn skills that will make them competitive in the tech marketplace. This Flagship Alliance provides MTSM the opportunity to leverage their resources to provide students, alumni, professionals and veterans from diverse backgrounds access to in-demand skills training in business data science.

The program pairs real-world experience through hands-on learning with online instruction modules. Through NJIT and IBM’s partnership, students will be able to engage in career-oriented training, workshops and boot camps; expand career tracks in Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Process Analyst and Predictive Analyst Modeler; and earn industry-recognized IBM digital certification badges to show they’ve achieved mastery level skills in business analytics and business intelligence tools.

Flexible skills education models like this one offer the opportunity for countless individuals from diverse backgrounds to access in-demand skills training to quality for high-paying, rewarding jobs in some of our country’s fastest-growing fields. And, that training is available outside of traditional undergraduate or graduate degree programs, making it accessible to a broader population of potential students. By expanding and modernizing skills education to align classroom and real-world learnings with employers’ needs, we can also strengthen our economy and drive tomorrow’s technological advancements. For this reason, partnerships between industry and academic institutions are especially important.


Benefits of the Skills Academy

The IBM Explorer and Mastery Badges provide access to a network of IBM Business partner companies as well as a host of companies that are interested in hiring interns, co-op students and/or employees with their particular skills.

Currently there are over 100,000 jobs in Predictive Analytics available for IBM Skills Academy badge earners!


Source: www.youracclaim.com (6/25/2018)