Careers in Management and Business

Business with the Power of STEM

Business graduates are prepared to work at the emerging interface of where talent meets capital as defined by technology structured global business systems.  The educational program introduced the importance of business creativity to various fields of technical development as offered at NJIT.  As such, graduates can enter a wide number of critical positions that are only now emerging at the edges of traditional business operations.

For example, students specializing in MIS can work as Systems Managers, Information Systems Developers or Analysts, and Technical Support staff of Project Managers.  Students specializing in Marketing may find jobs in Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics. Students with a base in Finance may consider Banking, Business Development, and Financial Analyst positions.  This basis is advantageous for those who plan to assume leadership roles in modern organizations.

At events such as the annual Business Student Career Networking Seminars, current students have an opportunity to network with, and learn from NJIT business school alumni and professionals in the field.  Above, Steve Saperstein discusses the field of finance with students after a panel discussion.  Steve, an alumnus of the business program at NJIT, is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Prudential Fixed Income.

Seeking Employment?

These job opportunities are available exclusively to current students of the Martin Tuchman School of Management and alumni.

For more information, please contact Martin Tuchman School of Management's Faculty Co-op Advisor, Dr. Melodi Guilbault , at or .