Why Study Management at NJIT?

Technology and science are dramatically changing our economy and our society.  Today’s decision makers need a firm grasp of new technologies to augment traditional business disciplines. Drawing from NJIT’s robust technological resources the business program emphasizes emerging technologies and how technology can be combined with core management skills to solve business problems. The logical problem solving capability is one that all business leaders need in order to be successful in the dynamic business world of today.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics points to a very strong need for managers with technical skills well into the next decade. Business Week lists business analysts and project managers as safe havens against a growing trend to move professional jobs offshore.

The NJIT Martin Tuchman School of Management (MTSM) offers an excellent business education. The Princeton Review ranked the School of Management among its “Best 300 Business Schools (2011 edition). But the power of MTSM goes far beyond studies and statistics from outside sources. The real depth and impact of the Tuchman School of Management comes from NJIT overall. Students in the Tuchman School of Management get to explore the leading edge technologies across the NJIT ecosystem. Technology continues to change at a fast pace and keeping up with these changes requires a dynamic educational focus. NJIT has always been a leader in technology and MTSM is able to tap into this resource to better prepare its students to management in a business world that is driven by technology.

Martin Tuchman School of Management offers a curriculum that covers management, marketing, finance, accounting and information technology. All of these areas are being challenged in the marketplace today by the dynamics of the economy and the fast paced movement of business to a global scale. The globally integrated enterprise is becoming a reality and the leadership model that is needed is changing just as fast.  Students will be stepping into a business- world the likes of which have never been seen before. Leaders must be built on the development of core technology skills.  Leaders need to be able to anticipate – adapt – and learn in order to drive their organizations to succeed. Flexibility is the cornerstone of success of the new dynamic business model. Collaboration beyond the traditional business unit is becoming the norm and emerging markets require management skills that have not existed in the past to be harnessed. MTSM is focused on understanding the technology requirement of business today and applying these technologies to a sound business program.

Business is no longer a separate entity from technology. Technology and innovation are required today for the growth of any business model. Students entering the business world need to have a complete set of tools to be competitive. MTSM prepares its students to succeed in the new world of work.