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MBA Concentrations

MBA concentration areas offer the opportunity to study one functional area in management in more depth and serve to complement the MBA core courses.

The Management Information Systems Concentration

What is the MIS Concentration About?

The courses in the MIS concentration are focused on the strategic value of information in business. They sharpen the strategic focus of the MBA degree by highlighting the role of information management in gaining competitive advantage through improved business process management and enhanced business intelligence systems. 

Who Is It For?

People who wish to take a leadership role in the management of information in organizations. MIS managers play a critical role in planning, building and maintaining the information systems that enable the global, networked organization. 

Where Can It Take Me?

Career paths begin with managing MIS groups and track to the CIO position or to IT consulting positions. Because the MBA is a general business degree, it is possible to migrate to general management positions.

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The Marketing Concentration

What Is Marketing Concentration About?

The marketing concentration prepares students to understand a world where technology is changing how products are developed, how customers are won and retained, and how companies interact with customers.  Traditional marketing concepts are reinterpreted in light of sweeping technological changes in markets and media.  Students are also able to focus on the development and marketing of high technology products.

Who Is It For?

People who are interested in marketing as a career choice and who want to understand the full range of choices and strategies in a "bricks and clicks" economy.

Where Can It Take Me?

Career paths include positions in large marketing organizations for both consumer and industrial products and jobs in smaller firms marketing innovative, technology driven products and services. 

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The Finance Concentration

What Is The Finance Concentration About?

The technological emphasis of our MBA curriculum is expressed in the finance concentration through intensive study of financial strategies for technologically intensive firms.

Who Is It For?

People who are interested in financial management.

Where Can It Take Me?

Career paths begin with positions in managing financial functions or systems and move to leading groups of finance professionals.  This concentration is also ideal for preparing graduates for positions in investment banking and brokerage.

Learn more about the Finance concentration in the online MBA program.